About Program

Students who want to study in Department of Anesthesia should interested in physical sciences, especially biology and be attentive, meticulous, responsible so as to work in medical team.


The aim of the anesthesia program is to train qualified healthy staff who have knowledge and ability anesthesia procedures that will help the physicians in operating room.

Summary of Program Outcomes

Possess the theoretical knowledge of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. Has the theoretical and practical knowledge related to Anesthesia field. Know and interpret the applications related to the components of Anesthesia and itself. Know the organization of the healthcare system. Distinquish his/her location at this organization.

Education Language


Qualification Awarded

The students who successfully complete the program are awarded the degree of “Associate of Science” in Anesthesia.

Admission Requirements

The student who want to enroll in this department, have to complete processes which determined by university’s academic and judicial statute and have to achieve exams. The student who started his/her education in domestic or abroad, can make application for lateral transfer. Acceptance of students are examine considering each student’s conditions and application’s degree before season starting and evaluate peculiarly. Further introduction is present about entrance to university in Institute introduction’s catalogue.

Occupational Profile of Graduates

Anesthesia program graduates apply necessary medical treatment to anaesthetize the patient in accordance with the request of anesthesiologist and reanimation doctor in all kinds of surgery. Graduates work under the supervision of anesthesiologist in state and private hospitals.

Graduation Requirements

The students studying in this program are required to have a Cumulative Grade Points Average (Cum.GPA) of not less than 2.00/4.00 and have completed all the courses with at least a letter grade of C3/2.00 in the program in order to graduate. The minimum number of ECTS credits required for graduation is 120. It is also mandatory for the students to complete their compulsory internship in a specified duration and quality.