Medical Documantation and Secretarial (Formal and Distance)

About Program

Students who wish to work in the field of medical documentation and medical secretarial compatible with human relations, foreign languages ​​and computer are eager to learn and capable, in principle, be careful and meticulous work of people who need to be adopted.


The purpose of Medical Documentation and Secretarial; various branches of medicine and medical technology, the compilation of the findings of scientific research, and medical secretarial matters of organization and presentation of the researchers in the field of service needed to train health staff.

Summary of Program Outcomes

Possess the theoretical knowledge of Medical Terminology, Anatomy, Patient Psychology, Communication Skills, Diseases Knowledge, Bioistatistics, Public Health, First Aid and basic courses. Use the information technologies required for this area during the process of giving health services. Find solutions to emerging problems during the process of giving health services with knowledge, creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Adopt the philosophy of giving quality healthcare and fulfill duties related to Medical Documentation and Secretary towards this philosophy.

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Academic Staff

Lecturer Aysel KÖKSAL
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Head of Department
Assistant Prof. Dr. Perihan ŞENEL TEKİN
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Undergraduate of Medical Documantation and Secretarial Programme (Formal)

Undergraduate of Medical Documantation and Secretarial Programme (Distance)