Training of orthopedic technicians for better patient care

Orthopedic technicians from three facilities in Syria, Palestine and Egypt are being further educated in 2015 within the scope of a training partnership.

These facilities are supported and closely accompanied by a network of experienced international experts in orthopedic technology. This network is mobilised by the German organisation Human Study e.V.

The International Red Cross in Gaza and the University of Ankara are supporting the project by the supply of certified staff and facilities for the implementation of the project. This partner constellation is coordinated by sequa gGmbH.

At the beginning of the project the team has selected 26 orthopedic technicians who take part in the demanding training. The curriculum consists of a distant learning course through an interactive IT-platform and practical training sessions which take place twice in Cairo and Ankara.

The qualification covers two disciplines of orthopedic technology according to international standards – prosthetic of lower extremities and prosthetic of upper extremities. The participants who successfully pass the final exam in December 2015 will have afterwards the possibility to continue their further education and to acquire other qualifications.

Through the project the orthopedic technicians will be better qualified to attend numerous patients in the three target countries who have lost a leg or an arm during acts of war and need prosthesis.

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